Daily Archives: June 14, 2016


Investigation Division

17 Members of “Dub City” Gang Arrested: 10 Guns Seized
10 Leaders of “WTG” Gang Indicted: Murder Conspiracy Charged
Doctor Faces Homicide Charges for Overdose Deaths
Harlem Pharmacy Manager Arrested for Illegal Rx Sales
Chinatown Buses Used in Narcotics Trafficking Scheme
Major NYC Trafficker Tapped New England Demand for Illicit Rx Drugs
Lost Luggage Handler Snuck Drug-Filled Foods through JFK, Looted Baggage
Doctor Wrote Rxs to Phantom Patient: $150,000 in Cash and Gold Seized
Manhattan Physician’s Assistant and Attorney in Rx Drug Scheme
Correction Officer, Jailhouse Barber and Inmate Plot Armed Robbery
Two Multi-Million Dollar Heroin Mills Raided