Daily Archives: June 24, 2016


Narcotics Smuggled Aboard Spanish Navy Training Vessel
International Narcotics and Kidnapping Conspiracy
Record-Breaking Seizure of Heroin in the Bronx
Kingpin Clipped with $6.5 Million in “Crystal Meth” and Heroin
$30 Million Load of Heroin Seized from Bronx Traffickers
Bronx to Suffolk Heroin Trafficking Route Disrupted
Heroin and “Crystal Meth” Moved Cross-Country
Heroin Supply Chain Dismantled: NYC to Upstate Counties
Car with $1.6 Million in “Crystal Meth” Stopped Near Holland Tunnel
Gramercy Physician Sentenced to 5 ½ Years in Prison
Hospital Pharmacy Director Steals 200,000 Oxycodone Pills
Doctor Sold Rxs for Cash: Offices at JFK Airport and Long Island
Manhattan Physician