Message from the Special Narcotics Prosecutor

I write this message in June of 2020, at a time when, as a city and as a nation, we face unprecedented challenges. The importance of how we respond at this critical moment cannot be overstated.

More than 18,000 people have lost their lives to COVID-19 in New York City alone and the city has just begun to reopen. We mourn for those who have died and for their families, and are deeply concerned for all those who continue to endure hardship as a result of this virus.

Simultaneously, people across the U.S. are participating in mass demonstrations following the police killing of George Floyd. One Minnesota officer stands charged with murder and three others with aiding and abetting. Like law enforcement agencies across the city and the nation, the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor (SNP) office is reviewing its policies and practices, and affirmatively working on implementing changes to do our part in addressing systemic racism.

We can and must do better by reaffirming our commitment to justice and fairness for those of all races, colors, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions and nations of origin.

SNP implements a strategic approach to protecting the public, effectively responding to a deadly opioid crisis of historic proportion, while reducing arrests and incarceration.

Because New York City is a regional hub of drug distribution, one of our top priorities is to remove bulk quantities of fentanyl, heroin, cocaine and other dangerous narcotics from the top of the supply chain, with an emphasis on substances linked to overdoses.  We do this, in part, by identifying and investigating high level traffickers, many of whom work on behalf of international drug trafficking cartels.

SNP responds to community complaints about street-level drug networks and investigates organizations linked to overdose deaths and violence. The Office also has expertise in prosecuting individuals involved in the illicit distribution of prescription drugs, including corrupt doctors and other medical practitioners.

Our focused approach allows us to have the greatest impact on community safety and save lives, while supporting alternatives to incarceration and lowering arrests.

We continue to examine our goals and procedures to assure that we promote justice, fairness and safety for all.