N.Y. just helped drug traffickers: Bail reform will make it impossible for prosecutors to hold members of cartels while we build the cases against them

Daily News - New Yorkers will be shocked to discover that a new bail statute, passed as part of the state budget, mandates pretrial release of hundreds arrested for top narcotics crimes. Unless a defendant faces a single, seldom-charged narcotics offense, the new law requires judges to treat cartel associates the same as low-level street dealers when it comes to bail. This change arrives in the midst of an opioid epidemic, when overdoses are killing thousands of New Yorkers each year, far more than all violent crimes combined.

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Treating America’s Addicted Youth

U.S. News - Courtney Locker was 12 years old when she started abusing prescription pills. By age 14, she was addicted to heroin.

Her drug use wasn't addressed until a couple of years later when her mother, Tracey Cavacino, sent her to a Utah ranch for at-risk teens. Tracy had enrolled her daughter at Turn-About Ranch to treat her anxiety and depression; she was not aware her daughter was addicted to heroin.

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