He Survived an Overdose. Now What?

New York Times - It was a Sunday afternoon, and in the cozy house at the end of the street, Andrew Foote sat in his usual chair while a movie played on the television.

The young man’s hands rested on two pillows, wrists bent and fingers contracted into fists. From time to time, he rocked forward as if to stand but then collapsed backward, into the chair. His few words were slow and slurred.

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About $150,000 in narcotics disguised as children’s present during Brooklyn drug deal: officials

PIX 11 - BROOKLYN — Approximately $150,000 in narcotics disguised as children’s gifts have been recovered and three men have been arrested after a drug deal in front of a Brooklyn nail salon, officials said Monday.

Officers said they witnessed the sale of two kilograms, or 4 ½ pounds, of cocaine for nearly $74,300 outside the salon at 5821 Avenue T, bordering Flatlands and Mill Basin, on June 19 as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation.

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Narcotics prosecutor says legal fake fentanyl is responsible for nearly 50 OD deaths in Brooklyn and Staten Island

Daily News - It’s not the actual drug, and dealers can’t be prosecuted for peddling it, but fake fentanyl can kill like the real thing — and that’s exactly what it did 48 times last year in Brooklyn and Staten Island, a city prosecutor said Wednesday.

Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan plans to share that shocking fact with the City Council on Thursday during a Committee on the Justice System hearing to examine how local law enforcement agencies handle the opioid crisis. Brennan said she is especially alarmed by the seemingly new trend of modified street fentanyl — which on …

Pill Bottles Beside the Dead Shared a Doctor’s Name

New York Times - One day in 2013, Eliot Castillo, a 35-year-old clothing store worker and father of two, walked out of his doctor’s office in Flushing, Queens, with a prescription for Xanax.

Three days later, he was found on his mother’s couch in Jamaica, Queens, dead of an overdose of that drug and oxycodone. His doctor’s name was on a prescription bottle for Percocet nearby: Dr. Lawrence Choy.

That same name would appear on pill bottles found near two other fatal overdoses in 2014 and 2016, authorities said.

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Pill-pushing Queens doctor charged in opioid deaths of three drug overdose victims

Daily News - A doctor who prescribed addictive painkillers and other controlled substances that resulted in three overdose deaths in New York was as much of a menace as a drug dealer pushing poison on the street, authorities said Thursday.

Lawrence Choy was arrested in Wisconsin, where he moved after local investigators visited the Flushing, Queens, office he used while treating the patients who died after taking drugs he allegedly prescribed.

Along with prescribing high-dosage prescriptions of addictive opioid painkillers, Choy allegedly disregarded federal guidelines by pushing other drugs that suppress a person’s respiration.

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DEA: Pair smuggled heroin inside boxes of tomatoes

New York Post - A saucy pair of drug dealers allegedly hid 22 pounds of heroin — worth $3 million — inside cardboard boxes of plum tomatoes.

Agents found four pounds of the heroin when they pulled Abel Abad and David Collazo over last month as they drove Abad’s 2007 Dodge Caliber through Upper Manhattan — stashed under the false bottom of a dicey box of tomatoes on the rear passenger seat, officials said.

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