Significant Cases


East Harlem Gang Probe: 17 Arrests and Guns Seized
NYC Department of Correction Auditor Arrested for Cocaine Sales
NYC Firefighter Sold Drugs at Firehouse
Man Returning from Music Festival Arrested with Drugs
Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Seized in Harlem
Brooklyn Crack Dealer’s Plan to Sell Fireworks Fizzles
Heroin Investigation Leads to Weapons Seizure
Over 15 Pounds of Fentanyl Seized on the Upper West Side

Record-Breaking Heroin Packaging Operation Dismantled
Truck Axle and Drive Shaft Filled with 100 Pounds of Heroin
Fentanyl Marketed as Heroin in Queens Drug Sale
Over 65 Pounds of Heroin in Croton-on-Hudson
$5 Million in Heroin Seized at Inwood


Narcotics Smuggled Aboard Spanish Navy Training Vessel
International Narcotics and Kidnapping Conspiracy
Record-Breaking Seizure of Heroin in the Bronx
Kingpin Clipped with $6.5 Million in “Crystal Meth” and Heroin
$30 Million Load of Heroin Seized from Bronx Traffickers
Bronx to Suffolk Heroin Trafficking Route Disrupted
Heroin and “Crystal Meth” Moved Cross-Country
Heroin Supply Chain Dismantled: NYC to Upstate Counties
Car with $1.6 Million in “Crystal Meth” Stopped Near Holland Tunnel
Gramercy Physician Sentenced to 5 ½ Years in Prison
Hospital Pharmacy Director Steals 200,000 Oxycodone Pills
Doctor Sold Rxs for Cash: Offices at JFK Airport and Long Island
Manhattan Physician


Investigation Division

Narcotic Street Gangs
Millions of Dollars in Heroin Seized from Bronx Packaging Mill and Vehicle
"Good Guys" Trucking Company Transports Heroin Cross-Country
$11 Million Heroin Shipment Seized: New York to New England
Manhattan Hospital's Pharmacy Director Stole Millions of Dollars in Pain Pills
Rikers Island Correction Officers Indicted on Narcotics and Bribery Charges
NYPD Officer Charged with Providing Protection for Narcotics Conspiracy
Two Women Arrested with over $5 Million in Heroin in Vehicle
International Narcotics Ring Dismantled: Drugs Funneled to NYC and Long Island
New York and Pennsylvania Suppliers Arrested: Heroin and "Crystal Meth"
Money Launderer Sentenced to


Investigation Division

Physician Charged in Massive Oxycodone Scheme at Bronx Pain Clinic
Gramercy Center Pumped $10 Million in Pills onto Interstate Market
Over 250 Guns Sold in New York City’s Largest Firearms Investigation
50 Members of Warring Gangs Arrested in the Bronx
Kingpin Convicted in $1.5 Million Cocaine Seizure near Midtown Hotel
Colombian Kingpin Extradited in New York Heroin Trafficking Scheme
Nearly $200,000 in Crystal Meth Seized in Chinatown
Kingpin Among Eight Indicted for Smuggling Millions of Dollars in Heroin
$3 Million in Drugs and Cash, 2 Guns, Seized Near Horace Mann School
Rikers Island Correction Officer Sentenced to 8


Investigation Division

17 Members of “Dub City” Gang Arrested: 10 Guns Seized
10 Leaders of “WTG” Gang Indicted: Murder Conspiracy Charged
Doctor Faces Homicide Charges for Overdose Deaths
Harlem Pharmacy Manager Arrested for Illegal Rx Sales
Chinatown Buses Used in Narcotics Trafficking Scheme
Major NYC Trafficker Tapped New England Demand for Illicit Rx Drugs
Lost Luggage Handler Snuck Drug-Filled Foods through JFK, Looted Baggage
Doctor Wrote Rxs to Phantom Patient: $150,000 in Cash and Gold Seized
Manhattan Physician’s Assistant and Attorney in Rx Drug Scheme
Correction Officer, Jailhouse Barber and Inmate Plot Armed Robbery
Two Multi-Million Dollar Heroin Mills Raided